Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pao Pao Learns "Roll Over!"

This is Pao Pao, age 2 years. A few weeks back he had a sleepover at the home of Lovely Daughter #1. When he wasn't peeing all over her place, she taught him "Roll Over." So I thought I'd put my camera on that high-speed, burst-of-photos setting, and let you enjoy the fun. First, you get his attention:

Get him in "Down," and give him a little push while saying, "Roll Over!"

 And let 'er rip:

Aaaand up he pops, all primed and ready for his treat:

 Let's do that again, Pao Pao. Roll over!:

Good boy! You get another treat.

This is fun for Pao Pao, but more fun for me, I think.

How else would I get such wonderful, bug-eyed portraits of my boy?

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