Wednesday, May 15, 2013

See's Scotchmallows

 This is what came in the mail for me yesterday:

Hoo, boy. I'm in trouble. Or, my hips and butt are. Or somebody is. Who can I blame this on?

Ah! It's a slightly-late Mother's Day gift from The Boy. I don't know whether to kiss him or kill him.

The present came wrapped in ice packs and packing peanuts. I've never had so much See's all to myself. What an extravagance!:

And here it is: an entire POUND of my favorite: Scotchmallows!

I dare not open it. Not yet. I have to decide how best to tackle this. Do I trust myself with this? Hide it in my lingerie drawer? Give the whole box to a friend and ask her to dole out one to me per day? 

This is what waits for me inside the packaging:
photos, above and below:

A trifecta of marshmallow fluffitude and caramel chewiness, all wrapped up in a chocolate robe:


Uh oh! If I post this, it means The Hubby will know I have these (*shifty eyes*).

Do I let him in on the secret? If you read this, well, you know the answer.

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