Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Quick Tuna Fish Upgrade

Lovely Daughter #1 is madly studying for her Step One exam, which all med students take at the end of their second year of schooling. I've been shoving yummy, prepared food under her nose and into her fridge so that she can concentrate on studying, not cooking.

Recently I did a quick upgrade of your classic tuna fish sandwich for her and her Med School Bestie. I started with a really good, pole-caught tuna and some fresh dill:

I added some of these babies. Sea-salt capers. Wow, they're good! To reduce their saltiness a bit, I simply rubbed off some of the salt before throwing them in the bowl:

I used a garlicky aioli sauce instead of mayonnaise:

But really, either is yummy:

And that's it! Tuna, capers, fresh dill, and mayo or a mayo-like substitute. In a sandwich or on a cracker, this is a delicious upgrade from the old school-lunch classic:

Now, back to the books, future doctors of America!

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