Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pugs and House Renovations

My pugs are tolerating the hubbub of the house renovation very well.  Even if a cat bed is the only cozy place left to rest, they'll find it:

The noise, dust, and pileup of furniture in odd places make me a little nuts, but Won Ton handles it like the gentleman he is:

Even when all the beds disappear and the only thing left to nap on is a towel for wiping construction dust off your shoes, my pugs will make themselves comfy:

And when all the comfy things disappear, well, there's always the chance play "Chase me!" through the oddly empty rooms:

(See the damage to the pillar in the photo above? No worries. New baseboards went in shortly after.)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Playing Pug Favorites

Looking over the photos I've taken in the past months, I was shocked to see that for every photo I take of my pugs Won Ton or Pao Pao, I take about FOUR of Mu Shu!

I love my three pugs equally, just as my love my three kids equally. But still. The evidence was there: Mu Shu gets the most snaps.

Is this because he has the cutest mug of the three?

Or maybe because his forehead is blonder, and so his face shows up better in photos?

Perhaps it's because he's such a sad sack, I can't help but take funny photos of him all the time?:

Whatever the reason, the other two won't ever know Mu Shu is my favorite photo subject. 

The end.


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