Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yard Sale/Garage Sale Leftovers

A neighbor had a yard sale on Sunday, and I didn't go. Odd, I know; but sometimes it's just time to step away. The next day, the leftovers that didn't sell were out by the curb for the trash pickup. Some of the items were too nice to trash.

So I nabbed them to take to Goodwill. There was a sorting thingie:

For sorting what, I'm not sure. But it has great lines and is in perfect condition. So it's worth keeping out of the landfill:

There was a second sorting thingie, this one of black plastic:

I guess you could use it like this, too?:

There were two pierced-metal lampshades that throw pretty shadows on the wall when set atop a small light bulb or candlestick:

Two little glass votive holders with a cute polka-dot pattern:

A teeny mirrored tray.

Teeny but perfect for holding your watch, or earrings and rings when you take them off:

There was a delightfully rustic wooden picture frame (ignore the grade-school art):

It has a terrific little hole right through one side:

I can see this whitewashed and framing a seashell print, or an actual sea fan, and set in a beachy house:

And there was a nifty little pocket knife:

It had all sorts of handy little tools and just needs a light cleanup to be perfect:

So, silly neighbor, next time you hold a yard sale, or a garage sale, or a tag sale, don't junk the leftovers. Call Goodwill. Or call me.

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