Friday, May 17, 2013

When I Grow Up...(Silver Beauty Musings)

When I get to an advanced age, I hope I can achieve a certain look, fashion-wise. I want to avoid going too blah and grandmothery:

(In their defense, these ladies are 100 years old. They can dress however they dang well want. Just sayin'.)

When I'm a certain age, I don't want to give up on fashion and just become One Hot Mess:

I hope to achieve a look that is classic and chic and timeless, with maybe a teensy bit of dash:

  (Please note: If I ever wear fur, it will be faux fur.)

When I'm a senior citizen, I don't want to be a resident of The Land of Utter Kookiness:

And I sure as heck want to avoid scaring my grandchildren. Or anybody else's grandchildren:

I think every senior gal has the right--nay, perhaps the obligation!--to dress however she gol-darn pleases.  But speaking for me, I want to be the gal on the left, not the right:

And Lovely Daughters #1 and #2? If you ever see your Momma dressing like this, please make a neurologist appointment for me right away:

Because this is definitely Mental.

(All photos, except for one immediately above, from the estimable Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style. Last photo from People of Walmart.)

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