Friday, May 10, 2013

De-Cluttering a Bathroom Drawer

I keep a pretty neat top drawer in my bathroom. The space is subdivided with little boxes. You can buy fancy drawer dividers at places like Bed, Bath, & Beyond. But humble cardboard boxes work just fine for me:

One drawer down, however, it's a different story. There are a few containers to corral things (the small round basket in the center, the blue box in the upper left corner). But the shoe box on the right is One Hot Mess:

Euww. I don't even know what all is in there:

Following my usual method, I dumped everything out on a big surface and grouped like things together. Some stuff immediately got trashed, like bobby pins that have lost their little protective ends (thereby scratching your skin) or plastic containers that tweezers come in (why was I saving those?).

Some things got dumped because the kids are grown. These ear plugs are from the days when I used to have to drive my underage kids to concerts (and I had to stick around). They drive themselves, now. And I don't use ear plugs for airline travel, so out these go:

Neither do I need all these bobby pins and barettes. They date back to when my girls took dance classes and performed in recitals. They always needed things for their hair and could never find their own. So I kept backups in my drawer. But I don't use these items, so I relocated them to the girls' bathroom:

I put what I wanted to save back in the shoe box, but this time I used small boxes within the big box. Much neater!:

This may be the best idea I had all day (photo below). I was running out of space in the shoe box to lay things flat, so I used shot glasses to store some items vertically. You can buy shot glasses for cheap. Heck, you may even have some extra ones kicking around the kitchen or bar. They take up very little "footprint" while providing a container for things taller than they are wide:

 With just a little tweaking, my second drawer went from this:

To this. And there's even extra room, should I need it:

But frankly, I'd be happy if I never did.

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