Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tomato Time

Hello! It's the first weekend in Spring, and The Hubby and I were feelin' it. We ran to the local garden shop and picked out ten little plants for a tomato garden: 

Before we left, we spent all of 10 seconds, mapping out the plant placement in the garden:
He: "Eight, 10, or 12 plants?"
Me: "Ten sounds about right."
He: "Okay; let's go!"

We bought two of each variety. Why? I dunno! It just seemed like the thing to do.

"Hey, these look good!"
"Okay; load 'em up."
Oh, we were decisive.

Some of these little plants, only eight or so inches high, are already setting up blooms:

Overachievers. You gotta like that, in a tomato plant. Just for fun, we bought a couple of red peppers:

To mix things up a little, we got some yellow cherry tomatoes:

And when we paid, we were invited to take a free packet of ladybugs. 

Sure; why not? They fit right into our non-plan plan. They're cute, they might work to eat up some aphids, or they might all fly off and leave us high and dry.

Speaking of dry, here's where the plants are going. It's the barest, hottest part of our garden. We know it's perfect for tomatoes, because once long ago, we had a 'mater garden here:

Then three (wonderful) kids overtook our lives, and it was time to tend to other things for a while.

But now, we're back to plants!


  1. I didn't even know that lady bugs were distributed like that. I bet that was a great surprise!

  2. We were told to put them on the plants in the evening, near the base of each plant, as they have a tendency to climb up. What they didn't tell us is that the ladybugs apparently had orders from Higher Up to fly away. The next day, I think I saw two left. Ah, well.....



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