Friday, March 9, 2012

Pugs + Babies = Love

Pugs love babies: it's a fact. (Don't tell me I'm wrong about that, please!)

Recently E, 10 months old, came to the house to visit. Look at those cheeks!:

My pugs went bonkers for him. E isn't standing on his own yet (any day now!), so every time he plopped his cute, whale-decorated tushie on the floor, the pugs mobbed him.

Luckily, E loves all dogs and took the excessive Public Display of Affection with good grace.

He's not trying to escape through the French door to the patio (below); he's just holding on to a vertical surface so he can stand up:

I have a theory about the reason pugs are so attracted to babies.

They are both built like canister vacuums.

See? And check out E's shoes:

Pugs appreciate sartorial touches like that.

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