Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Happy first day of Spring! Here's what's going on around here.

I went to a lovely retreat in Ojai, California, over the past weekend with a gaggle of gal friends--some old, some brand new. We all had a great time, but I decided not to take photos or blog about it. "Sometimes, Juli," a friend once told me, "You just have to put the camera down and imprint things on the camcorder of your mind." But I did bring some things back.

While in Ojai, I visited the local farmers' market and bought some goodies. This buttery-tasting olive oil has a spicy finish I loved:

And it's in a blue bottle. How could I resist? I also bought this unusual garlic. Its open-clove formation intrigues me:

The same farmer who sold the garlic, above, sold this one, below. He said it's called "Spring garlic," and that it cooks up sort of like a small leek.

In honor of the new season, I had to try it!

Closer to home, I found this intriguing chair out by the trash cans today. It had a horribly stained cushion, which I immediately tossed back in the trash, but the frame is in perfect condition, and I love its chair-and-a-half proportions:

Usually caning on chairs like this is the first thing to go, because it is somewhat delicate. But this is in great shape:

I think this chair would be adorable if all the dark brown were glossy white. But Mu Shu and I agree: the horrible print has to go.

Here he is, pondering his fabric choices. He suggests polka dots, but I think I'll have to override his vote.

Last, to celebrate Spring, I bought five bunches of daffodils, at $2 per bunch. I divided them in two different vases:

I love how daffodils bring the outdoors in.

Aaaand, sometimes the occasional pug.

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