Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy Birthday, Oreo!

Photo: Mike Licht,

I know it's a day late but yesterday, March 6, was the hundredth birthday of the Oreo cookie.

Photo: roadsidepictures

I heard today on the radio that the iconic cookie's style has only changed slightly three times in a century.

When you have something that works, ya stick with it.

What's your favorite type of Oreo? My favorite is the classic Oreo (no double stuff or weird colored filling). I especially love them when they're a little stale. I hardly ever buy them any more, because I can't be trusted around an open bag.  When the kids were little, sometimes I'd open a bag and leave them in the pantry so they got about a week old.

The cookies, not the kids.

BTW aren't these photos of the Oreo splashing into the milk gorgeous? Thank you, thank you to Robbie's Photo Art for offering them up for use on's "creative commons" site. I can publish them, credit him/her for the awesomeness, and not run afoul of any copyright infringements.

So, happy birthday, Oreo. Here's to another 100 years of success!

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