Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Rose of Spring

 The first rose in my garden has bloomed:

It's always fun to see who's going to win the Rose Race each spring.

This rosebush was here when we moved in 19 years ago, so I'm not sure what variety it is. It smells incredibly perfume-y, though. Its blossoms are huge, on somewhat floppy stems.

I'm thinkin'...Mr. Lincoln?

Anybody who knows...about my rose...let me knows?...Thanks, from the bottom of my toes.

(From now on, I'll stick to prose.)


  1. My Mr. Lincoln doesn't have droopy stems or look quite like this, but it could be because it is older than mine or my soil/climate is diferent from yours. I'll bet your local rose. Nursery can ID it, though.

  2. Might be Dolly Parton? (mine is more coral, but is very fragrant with huge flowers on slightly thin/floppy stems)



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