Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blue Bottle Love

I was in a coffee shop a few days back when a handsome soda bottle in the cold case grabbed my attention:

It is the most beautiful cobalt blue, and the outside is covered in a pattern of little bumps, almost like hobnail glass.

Even if I don't drink the soda, I knew I had to have the bottle.

I have a feeling this drink wasn't made with me in mind:

Ha ha! What sector of the market is this company attempting to capture? Insecure people? Silly people? People having trouble staying awake?

Whatever. I love the bottle. But in the spirit of investigative journalism, I must taste it, yes?

It tasted....meh. Like a weak cream soda. I only took one sip, because it packs the equivalent of about six cups of coffee.

I'd be like a fruit fly on LSD if I drank the whole thing.

And besides, this is what I really wanted to do with the bottle.

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