Wednesday, March 28, 2012


When I was a kid, my mother would take me every Saturday morning to the local library, where I'd check out the limit on children's books--20 titles. Week after week, I'd plow through 20 books. Almost nothing made me happier than a fat stack of new books.

Not much has changed since then. Here's why I'm happy right now:

A big pile of books, all ready to dive into! I began reading this one, below, already. My Lovely Eldest Sister gave it to me. It is fantastic. I highly recommend it:

In "The Mindful Woman," the author mentions this book, below. Can't wait to start this one, because I've got a suspicion I'm one of these people. Can't stand loud noises, busy places, too much hubbub. When I had to go to Las Vegas for The Boy's basketball tournaments, I'd practically get a migraine just walking through the casino. The Hubby always thought I wast nuts. Or weird. Or both. But maybe, I'm just one of these:

When I asked for "The Highly Sensitive Person" at my local bookstore, the savvy gal behind the counter said, "Oh, then you'd probably enjoy 'Quiet.'" Yup! That puppy was the next one on my list to buy. Isn't it wonderful when a salesperson knows exactly what you want? Love that:

This one, below, also intrigues me. I read about this in some magazine. But even if I hadn't, the subtitle would've caught my eye: "Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun." Genius!

I've been on a memoir kick lately. This one came highly recommended:

As did this one. Love love LOVE the title. Hysterical!:

Lastly, I am plowing through this one, below. I met Kate and her hubby 10 years ago on a hiking trip in the Canadian Rockies. They were a fun couple. Then we met up again, purely by chance, when we hiked New Zealand together last fall. Kate is one of my favorite people, ever. She's hysterically funny, absolutely brilliant, humble (even though she needn't be), and sharp as a tack.

I am loving this book, although I have a rotten feeling I am reading it about seven years too late. Where were you and this book, Kate, when The Boy decided I was to be avoided at all costs?

Anyhow, here's my new stack of books.

 Instant happy.

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  1. SO glad you're enjoying "Mindful Woman"! I just finished "The Happiness Project" --its a bit different yet many similarities, just a different approach.
    Sue Thoele's book (Mindful Woman) was the first intro I had to the concept that I, also, am in the category of highly sensitive people (as she is) and how that's a plus, not a minus...but definitely a challenge in today's crazy world. "Highly Sensitive Person" is next on my list! I also just finished S.Thoele's book "The Courage to be Yourself" - it is SO much more than the title, and I highly recommend it!! Thanks for sharing your recent literary discoveries. oxoxo (your "LES")



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