Saturday, March 3, 2012

Polka Dot Plaza

Very near where Lovely Daughters #1 and #2 live in their Funny-Looking House, there's a little chunk of under-utilized land called Triangle Plaza. The city is revving it up to make it more useful, and cuter. First up--painting huge green polka dots!

And check out those adorable bike racks, above. I also love the big green ceramic planters, which I'm sure will look even better as the plants in them fill out and grow taller.

An oddball little scrap of property now has a personality, a reason for being. The official grand opening is tomorrow, March 5.

Kudos to the city, the city workers, and the volunteers who make this happen!

All photos are by Craig Collins. Read more about this terrific civic project here.

Yay, polka dots!

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