Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sophisticated Polka Dots

Not all polka dot things conjure up fun or goofiness or child-like abandon. Some are quiet and sophisticated, like these table linens from Pottery Barn:

They're touting them as Easter tablecloths and napkins, but I think their restrained use of dots and the subtle colors makes them appealing year 'round:

Look how sophisticated polka dot chiffon can be, on this blouse by Caroline Hedaya:

And--even though it was 20 years ago--this is one of the best silk polka-dot dresses I've ever seen, from "Pretty Woman," starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere:

Polka dots can make a gorgeous evening gown, like this one by Jason Wu (who designed the white chiffon inaugural ballgown for Michelle Obama):

Of course, restrained polka dots on men's ties is always a classic:

A subtle-but-effective use of polka dots, combined with toile, on bed linens:

The graduated dots on this Jamie Oliver mug give it a sweet, retro look:
*Sigh.* If I could find a picture of style icon Audrey Hepburn or Grace Kelly or Jackie Onassis in polka dots, I think I'd frame it and put it in my closet.


  1. Ever counted how many polka dotty things you own?

  2. No; I think it would drive me nuts--but I probably have more blue things than I do polka-dotty things.



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