Friday, March 12, 2010

Puppy Belleh!

I'm kind of obsessed with my baby pug's belly. It's covered in super-soft skin and is very squishy, as he has very little muscle tone yet. No six-pack abs on this baby.

My puppy's belly is ginormous, especially after a meal. It looks like he has a cantaloupe in there, or at least a grapefruit.

Like he's a giant belleh with some little legs, buggy eyes, and floppy ears attached.

Here are some photos to prove my point (by the way, this first two photos are the most modest of the bunch, so if you are put off by the sight of tiny puppy...maleness...then don't scroll down!):

Aaaaack! Intensely round puppy belly! Here's the view from above:

Glamour shot with stuffed pug toy doppelganger:

Belly in the sunshine close-up:

My hand, to provide a sense of scale:


Okay, now back to sleep in the sunshine again:

The puppy is fast asleep in this photo. The Boy, not so much:

That's it! Thank you for your forbearance. I now return you to the rest of your day. Go in peace!


  1. Yikes! "Buddah Belly" takes on a whole new meaning! LOVE the sleeping pose on David's belly. xoxo

  2. Ohhhh! There is nothing cuter than a pug puppy. You're making me miss those puppy days a little. ^-^ (My puggies are all grown six pack abs on either of them!) Thank you for sharing these super cute pics!



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