Monday, March 15, 2010


I'm sorry I've been a little absent as of late, but I've begun my Grand Tour and have been on the road for the past few days (and madly preparing for the few days before that!). Currently, I'm in Dublin, where I've been for two days now. Tomorrow morning I'm taking the train to Cork to stay with a few friends who are there on study abroad. Before Dublin I was in Edinburgh, a city with which I completely fell in love. Honestly, I've been wondering to myself if the University has a theology grad program...(and hmm, turns out, it does). So yes, Edinburgh. Loved it.

There is, of course, the big, beautiful Castle and Castle Rock:
With its stunning views:This was a Farmer's Market just at the foot of the castle. Can you imagine going out for your cheese or chocolate or whatnot and looking up and going, "Oh...hmm. A castle." Dang!!There was a surprising number of men in kilts walking around. I thought it was just for dressy occasions, but nope, looks great paired with a sweatshirt!There were tons of little alleyways or "closes" to peak into. Including this one with a great view of the Sir Walter Scot monument:
Also, some more truely stunning geographical features:
I had tons of delicious coffee:
And even some (vegetarian) haggis!
(It was actually quite good, despite my truly frightened expression...)

So yes. Love that city. Love that country. Cannot wait to go back!


  1. OK, so what, pray tell, is vegetarian haggis? By the way, there's no reason real haggis can't be kosher.

  2. Thanks for tour of Edinborough (here, and on your blog) -- it was great to be reminded why I liked it so much (and we didn't see anything but the train station, the route to the castle, the castle and its views; we were left to dream and drool over what we were missing, but we did get a wonderful feel for the people and the surrounding city).



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