Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh, Well.

The February results of my trying stretch for five minutes daily in 2nd position are in.

The results are not so good. There's no change in my flexibility since a month ago:

Mu Shu is sympathizing with me. He's brought me some little crumb off the floor and has gently placed it on my thigh.

This is Dog for "Aww, I'm sorry fer ya!":

Thanks, honey. I appreciate that.

So, no physical change this month.

On the other hand, sitting this way for five minutes (when I remembered to do it) made me slow down. It made me more aware of existing in the now, even for one-twelfth of an hour.

And while I stretched, I had a nice scene to gaze upon: porch and pergola and a camellia bush that's beginning to blossom:

Sometimes slowing down and sitting quietly and gazing out at the world is a stretch for us moderns. It isn't easy, forcing ourselves to do what feels like nothing for a whole five minutes.

It helps if you have a friend with you, sharing the moment.

1 comment:

  1. Wise words, and wise (and precious!) Mu Shu...
    Loved sharing in your 5 minutes of quiet and being reminded to do the same. xoxo



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