Thursday, January 22, 2015

Roadside Rescues

Here's last weekend's roadside finds. A thick terrycloth towel and a red wire letter tray, both in perfect condition:

Two nesting KitchenAid mixing bowls:

The bowls have a rubber footing to keep them from skittering around the countertop when you use them to beat or whisk something vigorously:

 They have very nice pouring lips, too:

It makes me scratch my head in puzzlement. Are people in my neighborhood putting things out because they're too lazy to take them to Goodwill? Or because they don't KNOW about giving things a second home?

Or are they onto me, and they figure if they stick stuff by the curb, I'll pick it up? (Shifty eyes, shifty eyes....)

Whatever the reason, all these items got saved from the landfill. I took the towel for my box of cleaning rags, and a friend nabbed the bowls and the basket.

Thanks, silly neighbors!


  1. I’m guessing a combo of lazy AND they’re loving how their things just magically disappear. Multiple kudos for your ongoing efforts, Oh Great Mysterious Shifty-Eyed Magician!

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