Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dreamy Dogs

I'm a pug person; that's my breed. Even so, every now and then I see a dog that makes me catch my breath and say, "Ohhhh! I wish I could...!!"

This blue-nose pitty puppy, for instance:

Or the little cutie on the right, with the perfect polka-dot on her back. Heaven knows I'm a sucker for a polka-dot pup:

Photo: 2nd Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Or this little Buddha boy, "Churro," who was one of the chillest Chihuahuas I ever met. (He didn't even mind wearing a pink collar with a heart charm on it.) Churro was at a rescue event when I was volunteering; I hope he found his Forever Home.

Photo: Karl Loveys

I hope they all did; wouldn't that be wonderful?


  1. Interesting how we have "our breeds", isn't it? Mine is Boxer since childhood. Love having my Boxer girl beside me!

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