Wednesday, January 14, 2015

National Dress-Up-Your-Dog Day

I read on the Internet that January 14 is National Dress-Up-Your-Dog Day.

Normally, I don't dress my pugs, unless it's very cold or wet weather. Pao Pao wears a little red coat on those rare days it rains:

But then on our walk, I found a child's pink "Barbie" visor.

It seemed like a sign.

So I plopped it on a patient but befuddled Pao and took a few snaps:

I can almost hear him thinking, "I'm not really feelin' dis:":

"Look up for a treat? Hokay!":

Next, feeling inspired, I tried a Flower-Girl look:

I thought he looked adorable.

"Umm, a little help here, Ma?":

In case I traumatized my boy with all that pink and girly stuff, next I went for the George-Clooney-in-a-tux look:

So dapper! So classic!

I thought it would be fun if I could get him to chomp down on a fake cigar while in black tie, but he wasn't having it:

"Pheh! Phoo!":

"Smoking isn't good for ya, doncha know, Ma?":

Sorry, sweet pea. But thanks for playing along.

You're a good sport, Pao. Let's go put that Barbie visor back where some little girl can find it.



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