Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year, New Cruelty-Free Products

Well, new to me, anyway.

A few days ago I needed a new bar of soap. I saw this lovely French import at my local grocery store:

 Pretty packaging! And I love lemon and lemon verbena scents.  

The leaping bunny logo on the side indicates the product is cruelty free:

When I used it, the soap produced a soft scent and lots of lather. Win! I also needed a rich hand cream for the winter weather, when things are drier and colder. I found this:

The lotion has a faint, lemony scent and soaks in without leaving a greasy residue.

And it's cruelty free, too:

Two new products, both lemony, to usher in a new year. I'm a happy consumer:

I'm amazed at how many cruelty-free products I can find. Look for the leaping bunny or the words "never tested on animals," and you may be surprised how many you can find, too.

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