Thursday, January 8, 2015

Koalas in Mittens

Right now, brushfires are torching parts of Australia and threatening its wildlife, including the ever-adorable koalas. Some of those fuzzy cuddlers are suffering from burns on their noses, ears, and paws, because they are slow-moving and often can't escape the fires.

 Jeremy the koala. Photograph:

The lucky ones are under veterinary care. But it can take up to a year for a koala's injuries to heal thoroughly. In the meantime, their burnt skin needs ointment, medicated baths, and mittens.

Photograph: John Paolini/International Fund for Animal Welfare

Hundreds and hundreds of mittens.

The koalas need fresh mittens to guard their bandages and dressings. These all get changed daily, if not more.

So the International Fund for Animal Welfare has asked people to make simple, 100% cotton mittens from a template they provided. These mittens will help the ointments stay in place and protect the marsupial's paws as they recover. (For a full-sized mitten template and where to send completed mittens, go here.)

This is so sad. But so cute.

Photograph: Penguin Fondation

Almost as cute as sick penguins in sweaters.

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  1. Oh, my…poor, sweet babies. What a wonderful project to participate in!



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