Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time Capsule of a Happy Childhood

A few days ago, I was digging through some storage box for something, and I came upon this bag filled with little bitty things from my children's long-ago days:

I tipped over the bag. What memories came spilling out!

I saw evidence of The Boy:

And Lovely Daughters #1 and #2:

Lots of round things--beads, marbles, mini basketballs, and such:

Some of the jewelry they wore while spending hours happily playing Dress-Up:

Wands from the bottles of bubbles I blew for them until they were old enough to do it themselves. And puzzles! We built many a puzzle together as a family. The children called the little green turtle...Gertrude? Mildred? I used to toss her in the pool and let the children dive down to retrieve her:

I have no idea why I saved such odd bits and bobs, but I'm so glad I did. It's like a time capsule of their childhood days:

 It makes me smile, seeing all these funny little things. They are evidence of the love that saturated our lives. And the happiness, too:

When my parents were alive, they used to keep lots of little toys and playing cards and games for their grandchildren in the drawer of this little end table:

Kids, when you come home, go to your Great-Grandpa Ramsay's table.

Your childhood memories are waiting for you there!

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