Monday, April 22, 2013

An Artsy, Craftsy Earth Day Idea

Hokay, so it's Earth Day, and we're all recycling like crazy, right?

(Not yet? Well, today's a good day to start.)

If your municipality has a crummy recycling program and only takes a few things (newspaper, glass bottles, aluminum cans, and plastics marked "1" or "2," for instance), I have a tiny, humble little suggestion.

Think of your local preschool, after-school, boys' or girls' club, or even senior day-care center. Could any of your non-recyclable stuff be used as art materials?

If your community recycling stinks, a lot of non-recyclables make great fodder for creativity. For instance, the cardboard core from the middle of a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, or gift wrap:

Wine corks--either of real cork or manufactured product:

Berry baskets:

Those plastic thingummies that hold tights, socks, and men's boxers at the department stores:

The little net bags at a grocery store that hold shallots, garlic bulbs, and other small-sized produce:

 The cores from the middle of rolls of dog-poop bags:

The plastic tabs on bags of bread and rolls:

Look at the stuff you're throwing out, or the stuff you haven't gotten around to throwing out (old keys? extra twisty ties? bits of yarn or embroidery floss? leftover wire hangers?). Chances are, it would be welcome in somebody's art supplies closet.

Happy Earth Day!

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