Monday, January 2, 2012

Out With the Old

How's the new year goin' for you? I spent the majority of this second day of the year purging paper files. It felt so good!

I got rid of an entire grocery bag of paper, which will be recycled (naturally!):

Most of the papers were clippings for things like "How to get stains out of (fill in the blank)"--the type of stuff that you can find with a quick search on the Internet. I don't need that hogging real estate in my desk.

I also tossed out an entire trash basket full of paper that my city can't recycle--thermo-sensitive sales slips, metallic paper from holiday cards, and such:


 I tossed out so much stuff that I was able to delete a whole pile of hanging files from my file drawers...

 ...which opened up an entire drawer for stuff other than hanging files. It just needed a quick wipe out to remove the dust and errant sticker that lay at the bottom of the drawer:

Speaking of stickers, I keep a file of them. But I realized the holiday-related ones are better kept with the wrapping paper and ribbons, in another part of the house. So off they went:

Now, my hanging files have room to breathe, and I have a very nice sense of accomplishment:

 Tomorow, I tackle the desk top.




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  1. I've been purging, also -- closets, drawers, and cupboards (an uncluttered environment has been proven to promote an uncluttered mind)-- and your posting motivated me to move on to my desk and file drawers; it is turning out to be much easier than I feared because of your brilliant reminder that we don't need so much of what we save when it is accessible via the internet. Thanks for the timely reminder and terrific motivation! (Have to share this, though: I was mortified to find that some of the articles I was saving were were 20+ years old - egads! Definitely a purging who's time has come!



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