Thursday, January 12, 2012

Last Rose Standing

 The rose bushes have all been cut back now, to let them rest for the winter:

Just thorny lower branches are left, looking like alien limbs:

The last rose standing has come inside, to grace the sink in the powder room:

 It's a real beauty--a fitting, final note to the symphony of roses that's been playing since last spring:

Meanwhile, out in the garden, somebody is already gearing up for the show that will start in a couple of months:

I always did like a go-getter.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous last rose! I just tossed the last 4 roses in my garden, after they graced my kitchen passthrough for a week, and my bushes are all pruned and tucked in for their winter's sleep. I'll miss them and, like you, can't wait to see their awakening in the Spring. Your closeups remind me of what a miracle it is that something so beautiful can spring from something as barren looking as a newly pruned rose bush. Life is good.



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