Monday, January 30, 2012

My New Frying Pan

After serving me faithfully for umpty-bajillion years, my frying pan called it quits last month.

It was a good pan; Revere Ware, 12 inches across, with a matching lid. Good stuff.

But over the holidays, we fried latkes in the pan and saw that the pan's bottom had warped, doming up in the middle and pooling all the oil around the edges. That made latkes in the middle of the pan burn. Not good!

A warped pan bottom is unfortunate. Unfixable. And I've had this pan so long, I used to fry dinosaurs in it.

It was time for a new frying pan.

Enter this beauty:

This Calphalon pan has a clear glass lid, which my old pan didn't. It also has a short handle on the side opposite the long handle. I like that; it makes it easier to lift when filled with heavy food.

And the handles are the same sturdy material as the pan, which means the whole thing can go in the oven. My old pan couldn't go in the oven because its handles were some sort of high-impact plastic.

Plus, this thing is just dang gorgeous:

As the icons on the bottom of the pan show, it can be subjected to just about any kind of heat except microwave.

And, since it's a little larger than my old pan, it can really sautee up a lot of food at one time.

As for the old frying pan, I'll keep out of the land fill for a little bit longer. It is still useful for "wet" things, like spaghetti sauce and paella, where it won't matter quite so much that the bottom is domed.

Mmm, paella. Excuse me; I think I hear dinner calling!

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