Monday, January 9, 2012

Less Desk Mess

It took longer than I thought, but my desktop is slowly getting under control. This is a "Before" shot:

And this is the "After," looking at the same piece of real estate (along with a few, fresher roses):

Another "Before":

And its "After":


A slightly wider screen shot of "After":

A long shot, looking down the length of my desktop:

(There is always a pug lurking about, in my world!) You can tell from these photos that I'm not a Minimalist. I'm never going to achieve that one-pencil-cup, one-closed-laptop look that some gorgeous desks have:

That's fine with me. I picked up this sweet little organizer, below, at a local charity thrift shop. Two drawers and a top surface with sides to corral a line of books or whatever:

I loooove the old-fashioned finger pulls/identifier frames that are begging for some tidily written labels:

The organizer is ever so slightly beaten up around the edges, but no matter. You won't notice that when it's set on the desk, doing its job:

It was quite a steal, at $10, nearly one-fifth its original price:

I'm looking forward to filling it with with books and office-y things. It will be a nice addition to my desktop:

And underneath the desk, I already have my accessories in place!:

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the befores and afters, LOVE the little desk-top organizer find, and LOVE LOVE LOVE your adorable pugs who pop up everywhere!



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