Sunday, January 22, 2012

Milk Crate Find

 Almost like clockwork, somebody in my neighborhood kicks a milk crate to the curb.

Why would anybody toss out one of these hard-working items?

They're so sturdy, so useful. In a family room, they can corral toys, extra toss pillows and throws, and yet-to-be-read books and magazines.

In a bedroom closet, they can store off-season clothes, boots, free weights, or things destined for the charity truck.

In a linen closet, they're perfect for beach towels, sleeping bags, extra quilts or blankets, or stacked sheet sets.

In the garage, they're indispensable for rounding up small cans of paint, gardening or power tools, coils of rope, sports equipment, recyclables, extra hoses, or cables.

This particular milk crate is very heavy duty. (It's also a very odd pea-soup-green color, but no matter.) If it made it into the landfill, it would be eons and eons before it biodegraded...if it ever did.

What a waste that would be. So this crate is going into our garage, where I'll use it to organize some of our shifting piles of stuff.

Unless I need it to contain a wayward pug.

1 comment:

  1. Me thinks the pup is voting no on your afterthought of containing pugs!



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