Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shorty Scarf, #2

Yesterday I created a short, knit scarf (see my post from 7/29/09). I used yarn bits and pieces I had left over, added a button and buttonhole, and voila! A fun new project. I can repeat this exercise about 50 times over and not run out of yarn scraps or buttons, my scrap bag is so large.

Here's Take #2 on the Shortie Scarf Adventure.

First, I found some adorable, speckled yarn (almost like randomized polka dots, no?). I combined this yarn with a plain black yarn and knit up a very basic rectangular scarf:

I used ridiculously large needles (approximately as big around as a man's thumb). How did I know when to stop? I stopped when I ran out of the speckled yarn! The finished scarf was about 6 inches wide, 28 inches long. Then I stacked a medium-size, Life-Saver-shaped white button on top of a large black one and used the plain black yarn to sew the button combo onto the completed scarf:

Here's a shot of the finished product, hanging on my favorite laundry's hanger. You can see how loose the stitches are when using such big needles:

And because I refuse to keep showing my neck in these photos, here's a shot of the finished product, with the hanger giving you a sense of the scarf's size and shape:

What's extra nice is these scarves are completely reversible. That is, you can have the button hanging on your left or right side, allowing you to fasten the scarf around your neck with either the right side over the left (like women's clothing) or the left over the right (like men's).

Now on to the next scarf! And the next, and the next....

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