Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Anyone interested in eating a poop cupcake? What if I told you it was a ghiradelli chocolate cake with cayenne cinnamon frosting and marzipan flies? Truthfully, it sounds good to me. And really, who said cupcakes had to be cute? These are kinda gross but make me laugh. And I'm sure they'd taste delicious.

These "crapcakes" come from the San Francisco bakery Cynically Delicious. I found them through Cakespy, Seattle blogger and artist extraordinaire, who saw them at the Renegade Craft Fair. Other flavors showcased there included the MJ (vanilla outside with chocolate inside), the Fuzzy Navel (peach cake with champagne frosting), and the Slumdog Selleck (chai cake, cardamom frosting, and the host's iconic mustache made out of chocolate).

Definitely something to keep in mind, should my family ever open the bakery we're always dreaming about: not all pastries have to be cute or pretty or elegant. Sometimes just plain silly wins the day. You can bet that whimsical polka dot cupcakes would be one of our specialties. :)

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  1. Oh, ho ho hee hee ha ha haaaa! Those are special! I'm going to have to make them some day soon.



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