Friday, July 31, 2009

More Polka Dot Offerings

I love how so many catalogs are on the Polka Dot Bandwagon, right now. All these lovely images are from Garnet Hill. For years, I've been buying their sheets and pillowcases, and they're great. They have wonderful colors and prints, they won't fade even after years of washing, they're soft yet strong, and very well made.

What started out as a bedding and bathtowels company, with adorable offerings like this:has expanded into cute clothing and accessories, like these fabric belts:

and this cute swim skirt (It looks like shorts, at first glance, because there's one white polka dot at the center of the hem. But it's a skirt.):

and ballet flats with some teensy polka dots on the shoes' interior:

a polka-dot gored skirt that, at 25 inches long (23 inches for petites), gives you plenty of fabric for twirling and swishing (although I'd like even better if it didn't have an elasticized waistband):

And look at this cute outfit! I admit, it's partly all the knitwear that makes this such a great look:

Yet again, I end a polka-dot posting with a lamp. While not technically polka dots, the graduated spheres of the lamp base come close. And it's such a pretty one:

Way to go, Garnet Hill!

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