Saturday, May 16, 2009

Silver Beauties

I'm nuts about silver-haired women; they rock! I'll walk right up to a beautifully put-together silver gal on the street and tell her how fabulous she looks. And I've noticed that a woman with silver hair usually has the guts to proudly wear some lines on her face, also.

My idea of the ultimately beautiful older woman is silver hair, a few wrinkles, and a toned, lithe body. In my city of too many bottled blondes and overly Botoxed faces, it's real, it's defiant, it's refreshing.

Maybe some day soon I'll have the guts to ask some of these women I meet to pose for my camera, a la The Sartorialist. In the meantime, here are some of my favorite silver beauties, pulled from the pages of magazines.

I don't recall the name of this model; I think she's Italian. Unfortunately, the website mentioned in the upper left corner doesn't seem to exist anymore.

This is Cindy Joseph, a professional model, and quite possibly one of the most beautiful silver-haired women on the planet.

Singer Emmylou Harris could be a professional model, but she's too busy making a living off her many other talents.

(Sigh.) Why can't these gorgeous women get more print work that doesn't involve prescription drug errors, adult diapers, or irregularity aids?

Or osteoporosis ads?

Gorgeous silver women of the media (and real life), I raise my glass to you all. The world is a better--and more beautiful--place because of you.


  1. Actually, if the lady that posed for the osteoporosis ad wasn't in a commercial print project, I would have guessed it a fine art nude for a gallery; sort of in the style of Joyce Tenneson. But I agree with you all the way. Why should such stunning beauty be remanded to that? I wish someone would blaze a trail, like a fashion magazine and do a no-holds-barred beauty shoot with these types of models and turn the fashion world on its ear.

  2. Yasmina Rossi is the name of the model you referenced as Italian in picture 4. Both Yasmina and Cindy Joseph are members of the site, and you can read more about them there, also Emmylou and others. But even better, the site features so many "real" women who have transitioned to gray, or are in the process of going gray (and loving it!) that it certainly proves your point. Silver, ice, pewter, charcoal -- all the shades of gray enhance a woman's beauty. These women are beautiful, fit, fantastic and very young-looking indeed. Hope you'll come visit!

  3. Oh, but there ARE women "blazing the trail"!

    First, there's a book written by Diana Lewis Jewell (a stunning silver herself) called "Going Gray, Looking Great!" Then there is the website of the same name,

    Here you will find silver beauties from all over the world converging in a forum like no other! Pictures, fashion & hair tips (for all stages of transitioning to silverdom!), and the talk....nothing like chatting with like-minded inspiring women!!

    P.S. The beautiful silver that you didn't know the name of is Yasmina Rossi & she's French. She's also on the Going Gray, Looking Great website AND a friend of Diana Lewis Jewell!!

  4. Hi Ladies,
    Great pics, a breath of fresh air. Any of you others out there contemplating gorgeous graydom, why not take a peek at GGLG, where Diana Jewell and a happy band of grays will give you support and encouragement (and a lot of interesting information and laughs along the way!)

  5. Thanks for posting the lovely photos of truly beautiful, silver haired women! How refreshing it is see each one the beauties looking so confident and proud of their glorious silver hair! I echo the comments above, please come on over to Going Gray Looking Great and meet all of us and so many more women who are also embracing their silvers. You will be so glad you did! LULU

  6. These women are beautiful!

    Going Gray Looking Great - it's both a website and a book. 'Ya gotta come on over AND buy the book. Great inspirations...

  7. These ladies are all incredibly beautiful, hot and sexy. They posess a natural beauty that radiates and captivates one's attention. A true beauty that transcends age barriers, and makes women half their ages look so generic.

  8. As a fully transitioned salt and pepper woman, I was so happy to have found Diana's book and website, "Going Gray Looking Great".

    Check out the gray beauties at the website. It WILL be encouraging, enlightening and fun. We're more than the color of our hair as you will learn.

  9. what is the first models name please I see her all the time,,they are all beauties

  10. The first woman's name is Susan Hersh, a professional model. Gorgeous, isn't she?

  11. as a silver woman.... thank you. I love being authentically fabulous :)

  12. The model (who you could not find the name ) is
    Yasmina Rossi. She is 55 years old, gorgeous and has always been comfortable with her beautiful frey hair.
    I am letting my hair go silver grey after seeing her photo. I'm excited about the transformation and hope to inspire other women to do the same.
    I'm a youthful 56 year old artist. I come from a long line of strong,kind and beautiful women.
    Age is all relative. When your confident and happy you are beautiful inside and out.

  13. Gorgeous women! I was a follower of Diana Jewell's website, it was so fun and the women were fabulous. I called myself Salt'n Peppa back then, now I'm showing more salt than the peppa :)

    Diana's name is synonymous with her spirit, she is a Jewel and a sweetheart. Great images! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Yes, thanks for sharing too! I am currently on a quest for resources on aging gracefully and I am finding lots of support in people like you out there, willing to share their personal experience and advice. Will be turning 50 next month, stopped coloring my hair last December... dealing with a lot of ups and downs and doubts about my choice, but I want to at least see it through. It's really hard experiencing the "in-between" phase... wondering if I should have "fake" silver highlights done to blend in.
    Have you tried Cindy Josephs' Boom products? I see you mention her here and there. I am going to order them soon and was curious what people think of them. Following her on Facebook too. Seems to get a lot of great feedback. Anyways, thanks again, will keep following. Silvia

    1. Thank you, Silvia, for your nice words. I encourage you to go for the silver. Remember, any awkward period during the growing-out phase is short compared to the years of freedom you will give yourself (no more roots, expense, smelly chemicals, etc.). I haven't tried the "Boom" products yet--mostly because I use very little makeup, and I try to only keep the minimum on hand. When something gets too old or I run out, I may give the Boom like a try.

  15. You may mistake it just for adoration or Kate Hudson Wrinkle Cream warmth however these are everything of beauty if my concept of beauty is right.



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