Wednesday, May 6, 2009

San Francisco Blues

I've done it again! Every time I go to another city, I come back with a fistful of photos featuring something blue. Here are some pics with my favorite color, this time from the City by the Bay.
Ever-patient young woman, intricate gate.

Faded doorway, old brick, checking the Blackberry.

Retro-style cake stands, Miette Patisserie, the Ferry Building.

Forgive me for using this image before--I just love the signage! It's from a store called "The Blue Bottle" inside the Ferry Building.

Blue jeans, cool boots.

True-blue devotion.

Big foot, teensy crab, unexpected rainbow.

Crazy mural and a van with matching grafitti.

Pretty periwinkle dress, pretty gal.

Hand-painted ketubbah (Jewish marriage contract).

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