Thursday, May 21, 2009

Opening Day of the Wallingford Farmer's Market

What a beautiful day at the Wallingford Farmer's Market! These lilacs smelled divine, the radishes were fat and round, and the chives were in full bloom.

This vendor sold a billion different types of potatoes, and another one had their pet rabbits in a cage. Eating fresh market carrots, of course.

Unlike many other markets in the area, the Wallingford Market allows dogs on short leashes.

A booth with information on some sort of program for families had a bubble machine. Pure genius, really. Any child in a fifty-foot radius immediately ran over to that booth to play in the bubbles.

Although these two were still a little young for bubbles...

On my way home, I spotted this message in a piece of sidewalk I've passed many times and never before noticed. Don't know who this Dan person is, but the rest of it are my sentiments exactly. :)

All in all, a lovely day at the market!

1 comment:

  1. dan is the name anne hathaway went by in her early years (before she had to change it for hollywood). we'd often frolick in wallingford together. the day i left, she carved my name in concrete with her bare hands from the loss. i'm that big of a deal.



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