Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pug Love

As I was photographing my teacups yesterday, my pugs picked out a spot of sun to lie in and keep me company.
It's what pugs do. Keeping people company has been bred into pug genes for umpty-three-bajillion years.

Along with keeping each other company. And being cute.

I mean, look at that adorable little face!
Umm, what there is of it....

And those stubby little feet...

...and that funny little half-tail that unfurls when the dog is relaxed or asleep.

And the wrinkles! Don't get me started on the wrinkles!

I love pugs because they're happy to do whatever it is you're doing. If you are quietly photographing teacups, then they're quietly relaxing on the floor, as still as teacups.

Holding so still, they practically blend into the pug-colored rug...until the moment you put down the camera, and then...

What? Is it time to get up and play?

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