Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pug Hat

Here's the hat I made for my pug Mu Shu. This is the first time I've created something (other than a knitted scarf) without using any instructions. I started from the brim and worked up to the pom pom. For the first part of the hat, I used a small circular needle (U.S. size 6) and then transferred to double-pointed needles as I decreased toward the top of the hat. Mu Shu looks adorable, no? Will he wear it from now on? I think not. I'm only allowed to dress my pugs on two days of the year: Purim and Halloweeen. That's by official decree, handed to me by my lovely children, who are charged with preventing me from turning into a crazy old dog lady!


  1. Oh my god, Mom, that's super cute. Haha, he looks so confused! Next time (if/when) you make a dog hat, you have to kick it up a notch: ear holes!

  2. as if you arent already a crazy pug lady...

  3. Jeff shared a link to your site, I wanted to see pictures of your adorable pugs! That is ADORABLE! I love the official decree! I have a westie and I am only allowed two days of the year too, Halloween and the first day of LSU College Football! Kristina Kinder (AG)



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