Friday, March 27, 2009


"According to my mom, these ruffly, layery, decidedly not “retro housewife” aprons are just as fun to wear while cooking and baking as they are to where whilst twirling around and entertaining your pugs."

Um, what? I can't believe that sentence came out of someone's mouth who was not a part of my family!

The quote is from a blog entry entitled "Apron Deathmatch 2009" from the blog "Bake and Destroy." The apron in question is from Funktion, but I somewhat ironically find to be too ruffly and layery to be really functional. How would you wipe your doughy gross hands on something with so many ruffles?

From the article: "I love the way half aprons look, but I get too much confectioner’s sugar on my boobs to find them practical."

That said, I adore the ball fringe on this apron from Red Velvet Art.

My new favorite apron maker, though, is Boojiboo on Etsy. She has retro-inspired aprons in all shapes and sizes and made of the absolute cutest prints. This red polka dot apron reminds me of a dress I used to have in high school and which I wore for years even after it was just a bit too small on me. And with a sweetheart neckline, who couldn't love it?

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