Monday, March 16, 2009

Neighborhood General Store, But Green

For half a year, I've been driving by a modest-looking storefront ( on a busy boulevard in my neighborhood. The store sign said, "Green and Greener," which sure looked intriguing. I told myself I must check it out some time. But I was always in my car, on some other errand, when I caught a glimpse of the shop out of the corner of my eye.

Finally last week I walked over to take a look. What a treasure trove! The store carries some of my favorite eco-products, like biodegradable, corn-based trash bags for dog poop and stainless-steel water bottles But there is so much else! They have paraben-free bath and body products, organic-fiber towels and bedding, non-toxic cleaning supplies, and a whole section devoted to eco-sensitive baby bedding, clothes, and toys. There's no-VOC milk paint and recycled-paper journals and pencils made from twigs. They sell adorable, stacking stainless-steel lunch containers that look like the love child of a Bento box and a backpacker's mess kit.

I came home with the eco-friendly poop bags and a bar of handmade goat milk soap that smells deliciously of peppermint and citrus. (I'm a sucker for a yummy-smelling bar of soap.)

There were so many fascinating things to explore, I'll have to go again just to take it all in. And best of all, they give you a 10% discount off everything you purchase, every time, if you come to the store on foot or by bicycle. So, thank you, G&G! and I'll see you again soon.

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