Thursday, March 19, 2009

Irish Cupcakes, Alana's Version

I made the same Irish Car Bomb cupcakes as my mom did on St. Patrick's Day, but I've been a little later getting my photos up. Although let me assert that it was my idea first, and she stole it! :) Mostly kidding. I actually got the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, who incidentally changed the name of her post to "Chocolate whiskey and beer cupcakes" because so many people complained that the name "Irish Car Bomb" was offensive. I'll agree with insensitive at least, but come on--it's the name of the drink from which this cupcake was derived! Can't really change that fact. And although the drink sounds disgusting (drop a shot of Baileys and whiskey in a pint of Guinness and chug it before it curdles), the cupcakes were delicious. The night after I baked them, I had a dream that I weighed 150 lbs. and I woke up very worried. Hmm... subconcious trying to tell me something? Luckily, my total consumption of this batch will be three cupcakes over three days. I find that rather reasonable.

Even better, and totally made my week: my cupcake photo was featured on one of my favorite food blogs! The Internet Food Association has a feature called "Daily Food Porn," and today they posted a photo I took of my finished products, shamrocks and all. Yay! This makes me ridiculously happy and excited. (IFA is not only one of my favorite blogs, it's also one of Mark Bittman's favorites. Maybe he's seen my cupcakes now!)

The minor differences between my cupcakes and my mom's:
- Mine domed a little bit (but not much), possibly due to filling my cups with batter higher.
- My chocolate ganache centers had a touch of Irish whiskey in them, while my mother was somehow surprised that we don't have any whiskey in the house.
- I added a shamrock made of green-tinted marzipan, just for fun and cuteness. :)

Chopping Scharfenberger chocolate for the ganche

The picture that got posted on Internet Food Association

An inside view of the chocolate whiskey center

Packed up in the cutest cupcake box ever (thanks, Mom!) to take to work.


  1. Those are gorgeous! People must have been impressed!

  2. mmm those look delicious! and I didn't know about the foodporn site! oh my, yet another thing to help my mornings get off to the right start =)

  3. You are amazing, my wonderful foodie daughter. I wish I could say I had something to do with it, but Mom gets all the credit (except for the part that is just you).


  4. Yeah, they were pretty good :P

  5. Aw, thanks everyone!

    Steph, I have a ton of great foodie blogs I love, if you're interested in following them. They mostly have beautiful macro pictures too, which we both love! Check "Some of our Favorite Places" on the left, and let me know if you'd like even more suggestions.



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