Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th!--And I'm Back!

Hi, friends! I'm back to blogging after a break that I didn't know I was going to take until I was in the middle of it. (Sometimes that happens, eh?)

Today we'll walk the dogs in a home-grown parade, eat watermelon in the park with 1,000 of our neighbors, attend a BBQ, and of course see some fireworks (a professional show we watch for free from nearby).

But first, I've fluffed the hutch I found in the alley. She's looking pretty cute!:

I used a bit of my blue/white and all-white china collections, some dried-out starfish, and some croquet balls I had kicking around:

White "Iceberg" roses from the front yard plonked in a chipped old teapot add a bit of Nature:

Rummaging around my pantry, I stumbled on a cookie tin with the perfect pinwheel lid--it sort of looks like those stationary fireworks that spin, doesn't it?:

A string caddy, an old serving platter, and a little sailboat I found somewhere for very little money make a cute tableau:

The beat-up croquet ball is part of a set I found--you guessed it! tossed out by the side of the road:

The sailboat at the top of the hutch is from Pottery Barn years ago. I stuck a cupcake-topper flag on it:

Some little flags stuck in a pitcher along with a starfish complete the fun look:

Have a fun Fourth, everyone! And remember to keep your cats and dogs safe and secure inside, away from the scary fireworks.

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  1. Looks terrific! I'm constantly impressed and inspired by your creativity and collection of collectables!



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