Sunday, July 14, 2013

Terrycloth Roadside Rescue

Today I picked up a couple of thick terrycloth bath towels mouldering in a pile of trash that has been sitting by the side of the road for almost a week.

Icky, I know. I picked them up (gingerly, in my finger tips) and laundered them on the hot-water, extra-time cycle of my washing machine.

They are free of holes or rips but pretty ugly. The blue one is faded and the tan one is perma-stained.

To my eyes, they are perfect. People, please never, ever throw out a thick, soft towel with no rips or holes.

Maybe they are too ugly for you. Maybe they are even too ugly for donating to Goodwill. But they will always be perfect for drying off a homeless doggie who's just had a bath at the shelter!

 Photo: ginnerobot, via Flicker Creative Commons

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