Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lovely Los Gatos

A few weekends ago, I spent a delightful long weekend visiting my sister and her husband, who live in the town of Los Gatos, California, near San Jose. What a beautiful little place! The old stores and office buildings had architectural charm aplenty:

I poked around several of the mom-and-pop stores. This floral shop, "Bunches," was one of my favorites:

The shop has a resident duck, named "Pete." (They named her before she laid an egg, confirming her girl status.):

"The Maid's Quarters" is a shop filled with Parisian and Continental things, all of them flat-out gorgeous. Love the glittery bee:

A new shop had just opened, and it was filled with the most fantastic, unusual pieces of furniture and things for the home. I was smitten with the rough, gilt-covered table and the tote that looked like a huge, green Puli dog:

One wall was painted a vivid blue. It made everything placed near it sing:

I have absolutely no need for this side table or end table, but Oh! how gorgeous are they?:

Never seen a piece quite like this. A chair-and-a-half, yes:

But with a herd of camels tromping across it? Brilliant!

A stack of painted metal chairs made me want to throw out my kitchen chairs and start all over again, with these:

This wonderful bench reminds me of how kids turn their defunct skateboards into art, or furniture. It's colorful and kicky. Wouldn't it be fabulous in a large entry, or pulled up to a dining table?

"Natural Creations" sells plants and all sorts of natural things for the garden. It is an enchanting little hole in the wall:

Outside, several water features splashed quietly. I loved this one, with an upright branch serving as the "spigot" for a little cascade of water. And floating on the surface, adding movement and whimsy, were some figs. What a fun idea!

Wonderful textures down low: terra cotta, stripped-bark branches, pebbles, and a soft, trailing plant:

I stayed clear of most of the chain and big-box stores, because why bother? I can see those in my own home town any day. But I did pop in to Sur le Table, where my sister and I were amused by these spatulas, because when we were growing up, her family nickname was "Bee" and mine was "Bug":

If you ever get up in the Bay Area, try to clear some time to visit the charming burg of Los Gatos.

It's simply ducky.


  1. Wonderful, Sister! Really fun to see my town through your creative visitor's eyes...and your photography is gorgeous! The wonderful Parisian/Continental shop is "The Maids Quarters", and the charming little alley shop with such lovely fountains is "Natural Creations". The new store is new enough that I don't know its name...but you certainly did a splendid job of showcasing it! Thank you for these visual reminders such a great visit. Looking forward to the next time!

    1. I'll get the name of the 3rd, and newest, store next week when I go downtown.:-)



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