Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mid-Summer Flowers

Hello, Possums! I'm back after a break. There's nothing wrong; I was just concentrating on other things for a while, like taking a UCLA Extension class, having a painting party with one girlfriend, and a shopping day with another.  

One thing I don't like about the San Fernando Valley is the summer--it is hot as the dickens during the day! But if I venture out early enough, I see beautiful, fresh flowers with the morning dew--no, scratch that; it's probably leftover sprinkler water--still on them. 

They are so pretty! We grow roses really well here in the Valley:

And Morning Glories grow almost *too* well:

Zinnias, Penstemon, and Petunias:

Oh, how I love Foxgloves. I can't get these little boogers to grow in my yard, but for some reason my neighbor has them by the dozens:

Penstemon again. What a glorious color:

Dewdrops or sprinkler drops, it hardly matters: roses look beautiful with water droplets on them.

Sometimes midsummer is best enjoyed very early in the morning.

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