Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Visitors

Recently, my two grand-nephews and one of my two grand-nieces visited us. Here are some scenes from their stay.

Playing with chalk on the driveway:

Reading books (the boys are both excellent readers: yay!):

Even my grand-niece got in on the reading. She commandeered a little chair from the bedroom of Lovely Daughter #1 and a step-stool from my kitchen. She is reading "Charlotte's Web"--upside down:

The kids hung out with my pugs:

And chased the cat:

And blew some bubbles with my niece:

They hung out in the hammock having some silly time with my nephew-in-law:

We also picked tomatoes from my garden:

Mu Shu hoped for somebody to drop a tomato or three. (All my pugs love tomatoes):

Please come again soon, kids!

I miss you all--and your fun ideas of how to spend a couple of days of summer.


  1. Awesome pics! So sorry I missed it!

  2. What a perfect capture of a wonderful summer gathering of cousins (2 legged AND 4 legged!) at your house!



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