Wednesday, June 19, 2013

At the Lake

Hello, friends. I'm at the lake. There's lots of fun stuff going on. Beading...

I made these earrings. First time ever! (Ridiculously simple craft.)

Lovely Daughter #2 made these:

There's lots of hiking. I went on a nature walk and saw Columbines...

...venerable old trees speckled with lichen (an indicator of clean, pure air)...

...and teeny flowers called "Pretty Face"...

I don't recall the name of these cuties, but each flower is only about as big across as the eraser on the end of a pencil:

The lake has lots of textures. I feel like I could decorate a whole house, or build a whole wardrobe, around the shades in one of these photos:

Oh! Another darling flower. This three-petaled beauty is a Mariposa Lily:

Beautiful greenery, but don't touch. This is stinging nettle:

Like Ireland, the lake has a jillion shades of All Things Green:

On a hike two days ago, I saw a marmot. Yesterday, I saw a very friendly gal looking for a handout:

Everything is ducky, at the lake.

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