Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Tomatoes Are Coming!

Our garden's first tomatoes are ripe, and the pugs and I are so happy:

The one at the top of the bowl, below, is an odd fellow. It's a goofy-looking version of "Champion":

The orangey-red, faintly mottled ones are "Mr. Stripey," and the littlest ones are "Super Sweet 100's":

I think tomatoes are gorgeous, whether they are dusty right out of the garden or freshly washed:

Here's today's haul:

(There used to be more of the cherry-sized ones, but the pugs successfully shook me down for a few.)

I cut up the Mr. Stripeys and placed them all over a frozen pizza, drizzled a little olive oil over everything, and baked as directed. It's a delicious, fast way to improve a ready-made pizza on a busy night.

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