Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bird Watching

Weeks ago, I put out a feeder to attract goldfinches. I got nuthin'. I tried moving the feeder here and there around my garden. Still nuthin'.

Finally, after six weeks, I have finches!:

Bunches and bunches of finches:

They can't get enough of the Niger seed that's inside the canister.

These little birds are so much fun to watch.

Even Won Ton seems to like gazing out the window near the feeder.

Uh, Won Ton? You're facing the wrong way to see the birds.

Birds, dude. Other. Way. Around.

Ah, well. To make sure I can see all the action (even if WT doesn't want to), I put an end table and a pair of binoculars near the window.

I love this little table--I think I found it at Pier One. I love that it has a bird detail on it-- that makes it just perfect for bird watching.

The binoculars were my parents' when I was a little girl. I looked at so much of Nature through these. With them, I've seen Kansan tornadoes and flycatchers in Mexico and California Gray Whales and marmots in the High Sierra.

We have better binocs in the house, but I prefer these. Lots of history, lots of family memories.

Of course, when you have something interesting flocking just outside the window... usually means that something nosey starts flocking inside, too.

"Whazzup, guys? Anybody wanna play a little ball?"

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  1. So many birdies! When you said you were getting finches at last, I didn't expect flocks! So cute.



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